Cookie Policy

Our website, (referred to as the “site”), utilizes cookies. A “cookie” is a small file containing letters and numbers that we transfer to your computer. These cookies enable us to distinguish you from other users of our website, enhancing your browsing experience and allowing us to enhance our site.

How to control Cookies

You have the ability to manage cookies through your browser settings. Your preferred browser’s help function can provide you with specific guidance. Additionally, some browsers offer comprehensive cookie management guides:

  • Chrome Cookie Guide
  • Firefox Cookie Guide
  • Internet Explorer Cookie Guide
  • Safari on Mac Cookie Guide
  • Opera Cookie Guide

Alternatively, you can find comprehensive information on cookies and how to manage them at

Additionally, Google Analytics offers its own options for opting out of cookies: Google Analytics Opt-out – 

Please note that on certain mobile devices, you may need to consult the device’s user manual for effective cookie management.

How We Use Cookies

I. The website employs cookies and other technologies to gather non-personal statistical information, such as the time spent reading specific content or which banner ads receive the most clicks from our users. These technologies aid us in enhancing our website, refining our marketing efforts, and improving your overall experience. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can opt to configure your browser to delete and/or reject cookies. However, this may impact certain features or services on our website. By using or accessing the site, you automatically consent to the use of cookies by the site, as further elaborated in Section 6.

II. Cookies essentially function as information carriers, transmitting text segments from the website to your hard drive or other equipment utilized for registration purposes.

III. Although the information gathered through cookies does not include personal data (such as your name and surname), it enables us to deliver advertisements and other content based on the data provided by cookies. This facilitates the presentation of articles, personalized ads, and targeted services. Cookies are thus employed to enhance your online experience, as well as for analytical and marketing purposes, specifically as detailed in the table in Section 6(d) below.

IV. In instances where we store personal information about you (e.g., information provided when creating a user account), we may merge the data obtained from your cookies with your account profile.

You have the option to disable cookies in your browser at any time, but this may reduce the value of ads and content that should ideally be relevant, useful, and interesting. It may also negate any customizations you have made to your browser and erase preferences on certain websites that use cookies to store settings and previous opt-outs.

Cookie Classification

Classification Description
Strictly Necessary Cookies These cookies are essential for enabling you to navigate the website and use its features, including secure areas. Blocking these cookies may prevent registration/authentication on the website and may restrict access to certain content/features.
Performance Cookies Performance cookies collect information on how users utilize a website, such as which pages are most frequently visited and whether users encounter error messages. These cookies do not collect data identifying individual visitors; all data collected is aggregated and therefore anonymous.
Functional Cookies Functional cookies enable the website to remember user choices made on its pages, such as usernames, language preferences, or geographic regions, in order to provide enhanced and personalized features. They may also remember user-customized text sizes, fonts, and other web page elements. These cookies may be used to provide requested services, such as video playback or blog commenting. Information collected by these cookies may be anonymous.
Targeted/Advertised Cookies Targeted cookies track user visits, visited pages, played games, financial transactions, and general user behavior on the site. These cookies are employed to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to user interests, limit the frequency of ad displays, and measure ad effectiveness. This data is used to make website content and advertising more relevant to user interests. We may also share this information with third parties for analysis and assistance in achieving these objectives.

Cookie Behavior

Session Cookies: Session cookies are created temporarily when a user visits the website. They are deleted when the user leaves or closes the website.

Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies remain on the user’s device and are reactivated when the user revisits the website that generated the specific cookie. These cookies are deleted after a specified period (as indicated in the file) and can also be manually deleted.